Get euros to spend now,

Sell your bitcoins later

You get euros as a credit. Pay it back when bitcoin is at all time high again.
I want to borrow
Secure it with NaN BTC.Collateral value 76923€. Monthly interest starts at 416.67€
Check how much BTC you need to secure the amount you want to borrow!

Receive euros

On your bank account

We transfer euros directly to your bank account as a credit. We provide you with all the documents supporting the transaction so it's transparent for your bank.

Keep growing

Keep your Bitcoins

By having a credit line you don't need to rush selling your Bitcoins and can wait for the best opportunity. The credit covers your expenses while your portfolio keeps growing.

Save on taxes

Without selling bitcoins

By opening a credit line you are not selling your bitcoins. Any unrealized profits that you have made or make in the future stay unrealized until you decide to sell your bitcoins.

How to get started

In three simple steps

01.steps to get EUR to your bank accountVerification processDo the verification process in three easy steps. For added security we require a two-factor authentication.
02.steps to get EUR to your bank accountTransfer BTC collateralAfter you choose the amount you want to borrow you need to transfer the BTC collateral and secure your loan.
03.steps to get EUR to your bank accountGet EUR in your bank accountThe process is completed. Now, you just have to enjoy your money and repay it whenever you want.


If you ask.

Here’s all you have to know about the advantages that Dascue has to offer.
Your scheduleNo monthly repayments. You decide if or when you close the credit line. You can mantain your loan for as long as you like allowing your BTC collateral to stay with Dascue.Ask for a loanmobile screenshots of repaying the loan
Compatible with all walletsTo make your live easier you can use the any wallet you want. We work with all crypto wallets available on the market.
Leverage your wealthAPR is 60x less than the average yearly gain of bitcoin value in the last 5 years.
graphics for wealth increase
Keep your bitcoins safeYour bitcoins are kept safe in accordance with latest industry standards. Our custody solution is reviewed and authorized by the Estonian Financial Intelligence screenshot to deposit additional collateral

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